Mityan aims at weaving stories and connecting cords on its regional craft-based fabrics with subtle embroideries that not only make mityan timeless but classic too.


Mityan was launched in 2017 as a clothing brand by Mitali and Ayan Bhatnagar.

Mityan means ‘innovative’ in a real sense. It is also a combination of Mitali and Ayan’s name, which makes this name even more special to both of them. Clothing is a way to communicate, to narrate our stories in various ways, it is about self-confidence, expression, comfort and ideas. It was always in their dream to have a clothing brand which should be able to give a sense of calmness and freshness.

Mitali being on the creative side, handles all the designing related parts, Ayan on the other hand comes in for the backend jobs. For them working together is like therapy which always helps and supports their relationship with each other and with the brand. Sustainability is what they work for.

They started by exhibiting their collection at renowned exhibitions and during the pandemic they saw the urge of selling online but due to limited resources and a small setup, another year passed. Lately they have started supplying to some of the best stores across India and they have come far with good influencer and celebrity-based clientele.

Mityan would love to see a Mityan garment on every woman with a smile on her face and love in her heart.


Mityan’s idea of creativity sprung from crafting childhood memories and playing minimally with a special attention to detailing. For us, the process is like a story that is narrated with utmost love. We craft each mityan garment in a way that it looks like a dream and feels like a breeze of love.

Our material is made by local artisans of Bhagalpur, Gujarat and M.P..we believe in slow paced fashion and our USP being the material, we play with minimal surface explorations like embroidery & hand block printing techniques, with a special deliberation on detailing like crochet tassels, different stitch techniques, buttons and laces, which make the entire process as beautiful as the completed garment.

We look forward to crafting symphonies, spreading love and taking mityan to global level with local techniques and processes.



Mityan garments are packaged for you with utmost love in 100% cotton cloth bags made by local women and tied with a seed paper thank you card that can be planted at your home and remain as a mityan memory with you forever. We believe nurturing a plant is a best example for love and care that is exactly how your garment is crafted by our team.


Being a homegrown brand, we have a small team working six days a week for you.

We source our fabrics from small states of India, on which multiple embroideries and block printing techniques are done to make a complete garment.We have a basic discipline that each garment has to look equally beautiful from inside and out. Our finishing department is an all women department who foreground each and every detail of the garment.

Our breathable fabrics are very delicate and are handled with love and care. ]We hope you will feel the warmth in each garment you order and we wish to create memories for you with each mityan outfit.